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The Proposed Memorial

The Proposed National Civil War Memorial is a creation involving Victorian design with the introduction of artistic and educational material. The design involves the coliseum concept of attracting the visitor to enter into the space and sympathize with what is found.

The Memorial will be constructed on a North/South axis, with the East/West line commemorating the Mason-Dixon Line. Walkways of brick, eight feet wide and thirty feet in length, originating from the four center directions, will lead past life size bronze Civil War military figures representing the Infantry, Artillery, Cavalry, and Navy, two on each walkway, beckoning the visitor to enter the ninety foot diameter chamber and better understand the Great Struggle of the past.

The North/South walkways will contain flagpoles flying the appropriate flags of the Union and the Confederacy, circa 1861, respectively, representing division of ideals and states. The East/West walkways will fly the contemporary fifty star United States flag in recognition of peace and unity. Upon reaching the main plaza, the visitor will enter the interior by way of eight foot wide openings in the ten foot high granite walls. The exterior of the wall will contain statements by documented civilians relating to the upcoming war and the horrors of life during the struggle.

At each column will be an eighteen inch diameter bronze bas-relief portrait of a prominent civilian, selected and considered by historians, to be an important witness of the period. The interior panels will contain four by five foot bronze bas-relief tablets with particular scenes of the war, flanked by the US and CS cypher.

These important battles or events will be selected by historians as representing those happenings that determined the beginnings and outcome of the Civil War. Below the tablets will be listed the event, date and if a battle, and the loss of life. At each column will be an eighteen inch diameter bronze bas-relief portrait of a prominent military figure determined to be instrumental in various aspects of the War. The end columns of each wall section interiorly and exteriorly will contain engraved seals of the United States and the Confederate States as well as draped flags of each country.

In front of each interior wall section will stand a bronze life size civilian representing frustration, calamity, deprivation, and hope. The center area of the plaza will feature five life size bronzes, two veterans seated together on a bench, nearby, three young children earnestly listening to the words of wisdom from the old soldiers.

The brick walkways and plaza will contain the names of thousands of veterans. Completely surrounding the Memorial will be flag poles containing the thirty-five state flags of those states involved in the War. Also, stone benches will be strategically located for visitor rest and contemplation. Beyond the Memorial, low growing shrubs will separate the walkways from the grass lawn and seasonal plantings. Each corner of the Memorial site will contain stone signage indicating the Memorial.

A pleasing design that commemorates, nationally, the one event in American history determining the true American character of today.

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